Viviana Uchitel
Sao Paulo, Brazil

VIVIANA UCHITEL (Buenos Aires, 1958) was raised among painting, theatre, sculpture and dyeing lessons in an intellectual family, typical of the Argentine golden 1960s. "My mother was in love with art and beauty, a passion that would extend to paintings, books, and - naturally - to lovely clothes and design: not luxury, but beauty. A passion that she would later transmit to her children". It is not unusual then, that by the age of six, Uchitel had already begun her long artistic education. First, at the Escolinha de arte, later at the Instituto de arte Lalbarden and at the Fine Arts School while at the same time taking painting lessons under Noe Nojechowicz and Maria Luisa Manassero, sculpture lessons under Antonio Pujia and dyeing techniques under Tana Sachs.

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